We present Smart Autonomous Green Energy System (SAGES)
from Powidian, recent spin-off from the Airbus Group

Trophee COP21      and winner at prestigious COP21 in PARIS

PowiDian develops, market, deliver and maintains intelligent decentralized autonomous green energy stations for electricity production, which does not pollute, and solves the problem of energy storage of renewable energy.

In June 2015 the refuge of the Col du Palet in France became self-sufficient and autonomous in energy with a PowiDian station.

This video explains how our advantaged SAGES works and the problems it can solve and the benefits that it will bring to the clients.

Green Smart

Discover Green Smart 3 SAGES solutions – modular and scalable to meet different needs

green_smart_stand_aloneStand alone
Provides complete independence from the grid for isolated sites.
Space efficient and light; ideal when access to the grid is not possible.
Back up
Ideal for sites where loss of power is not an option.


Suitable in extreme conditions


We are independent from energy sources – we are “just” the brain in the middle that ensures an optimum use of the scare resources, and naturally we have designed the complete solution to be without any single point of failure – for secure and reliable operations.

Our solutions guarantee reliable and competitive electricity by intelligently using storage technologies and renewable energies:

Electricity anywhere anytime


The future

Hydrogen is a key part of the future of energy storage: Natural, effectively limitless scale, with no negative impact; it allows the storage of energy for a very long time. This allows green energy to be the most reliable and efficient form of energy available today.

Powidian has worked with hydrogen from the beginning and has put many resources and efforts in to managing it and integrate it with its software.


Scalable configuration capable of integrating existing equipment, even diesel generators, for a truly hybrid solution.


Remote management software and equipment that has been tested in the most extreme conditions, ensure the reliability of the station. Outstanding life of 15 years.


The on-site production and storage of energy eliminate any logistical needs around refueling. Only one maintenance a year.


It is possible to demonstrate the Return on Investment on a case by case basis, thanks to low running costs, almost free renewable energy and reduced logistical and maintenance costs.