About us

Bleu Horizons Co. Ltd. was founded by a passionate of geoscience and energy with more than 30 years of experience with major oil companies worldwide.

Working as trading business, a part from various commodities, we propose high quality products made principally with seaweed, rare sea salts and natural ingredients and a full range of scrubs, salts, body wraps, facial masks and essential oils, all products manufactured freshly with a high level of customization.
We sponsor some artists who are inspired by the philosophy of unique and best quality products.

In quest of investors in construction, logistic and agriculture projects, we are business introducer who can provide quality products for buyer and vice versa.

Quality of service is one of the pillars of our business strategy, as well as the taste of authenticity, respect of nature, unique design and ingredients, innovation and efficiency.

We always adapt ourselves by responding to our customer’s changing needs with progressive thinking and continuous improvement and recently decided to promote, in our region, a new revolutionary system which can deliver reliable green energy when and whenever you need it.

For a Sustainable Future…

We think it’s the time for us to truly leverage our experience to contribute to a better environment in pursuit of a SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY.