Green Smart

SAGES system is a non-polluting energy station that is modular, scalable and shaped to your needs.

Depending on your location, your consumption profile, your constraints from weight, volume and environment, our advanced system will configure the best solution and equipment for you.



Over 90% of generators are fuel powered and damaging to the environment. We are the alternative. Fuel generators are famous for being unreliable, costly to run and damaging to the environment. Their lower initial set up cost is a false economy for the client and for the environment.

Contact us to see how we can help you make the energy transition intelligently. We will analyse your site, its strengths and constraints and can propose a bespoke solution for you.

Find out how you can trade in your traditional fuel generator and switch to SAGES solution.

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3 energy stations to meet different needs: stand alone, mobile or back up


Ideal for powering a site off-grid where energy self-sufficiency is required. Stations are fully modular to meet your power needs, weather conditions and space constraints.

Typical applications: PMR base stations, boarder control, GSM / 4G / LTE base stations, remote village, army base, research base, remote harbour, refugee camp, remote sensor.


Ideal for on the go operations where connection to the grid is not possible. Space efficient and light, it offers self-sufficiency for two days vs 8 hours for a traditional fuel generator.

Typical applications: in field use, natural disasters (earthquake, forest fire…), emergency service, remote radar, mobile base station, NGO operation.


Ideal when the grid is not reliable. This back up station is connected to the electricity grid and will take over if the grid fails.

Typical applications: hospital, bank, remote sensor, border control, telecom site, field research centre, airport.


Powidian selects the best hardware in the market for any given situation – using solely green energy or hybrid solutions that improve the performance of fuel generators. We are not tied to any product or manufacturer. Our only limit is what the market invents.

We offer true objectivity when studying your requirement and solution. We will make the most of your geographical situation to offer all possible green energy sources, from sun and wind to bioenergy and water. There is no energy we cannot utilize in our stations.

Our ability to integrate the best of the hardware combined with our intelligent IT management sets us apart in the market. We can create stations with greater benefits.


  • Less maintenance operation (annual)
  • REmote management and supervision enables preventive remote actions and eliminates expnsive on-site visits
  • Very low operating costs (no fuel used)
  • Competitive return on investment and internal profitability
  • Solution based on competitive COTS products like batteries, wind mills, solar panels…
  • Possibility to re-use already installed equipment like Gensets or batteries – thus lowering the initial investment

TCO: Total cost of ownership


How it started for Powidian at Airbus Defence & Space:

The two founders of Powidian met whilst working at Cassidian (now Airbus). Searching for reliable autonomous energy solutions for isolated sites, for example to power secure radio and remote sensors, they found none that met their strict criteria or were reliable enough. Traditional fuel generators were famously unreliable and costly to run. A project was initiated to develop a green, affordable and reliable solution. This project is now a reality in the shape of the Powidian company.


Contact us for a bespoke study of your needs.

We do understand what the customer needs, but customer has to be honest with us and we will find the right solution for him.
An energy solution is not just one thing, it’s a number of things that all slot together that will all impact on reducing your energy/expenditure/carbon (whichever is your driver).

And it’s not all about ripping out existing systems, it could be utilising what you have in place first. Build your trust, get some quick wins and then look at larger projects down the line.

Whether your objective is ultimate reliability, to reduce your current C02 emissions, cost reduction or to minimise logistical maintenance when time is precious, we can help you.

We deliver smart reliable green power to you when and whenever you need it!