Partnership with ATLAS TELECOM

ATLAS TELECOM and PowiDian today entered into a strategic partnership on Smart Autonomous Green Energy Systems (SAGES) – aimed at supplying secure reliable energy that is CO2 free.

The PowiDian SAGES disruptive technology will be deployed among others in critical communications solutions – in order to secure operation in case of power shortage or emergencies. The systems will also be applied to power isolated locations – where the use of renewable energies will refueling and logistics constraints that today is costly and inconvenient – and enable the operators to make an optimal network design disregarding the fact if there is power available or not.

The current roll-out of LTE network will also arise the need for powering many new isolated sites that are required to secure complete radio coverage – and here the strengths of SAGES will be used to secure the Up- Time of the LTE network.

The SAGES turnkey system is very silent – and thus it can be used in urban areas with no pollution, no C02 and no noise.  I thought it was just software.  Is the COTS hardware always silent too?

Together ATLAS TELECOM and PowiDian will continue to develop this strategic partnership in the complete GCC – and help providing secure reliable energy to common customer throughout the region.

“We are very happy and proud that a major player such as ATLAS Telecom has selected our SAGES innovative solution to better answer the needs of its customers in the region” said Pierre Langer, PowiDian cofounder and President.



About PowiDian:

PowiDian is a recent spin-off from Airbus Defence & Space. The team behind PowiDian has been working as the Airbus group specialists in designing autonomous energy solutions based on renewable energy for years and is now accelerating its product offering and market presence with the support of XERYS , a franco-swiss high tech venture fund. The patented solution SAGES has already showed its success in several installations and applications such as Telecom, Military, Border Security and remote areas like high mountains & maritime coasts.