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The lifestyle of algae is surprising.  They are plants but don’t have leaves, roots or sap conducting vessels.  They feed on light, mineral salts and carbon which they extract from the sea and absorb over their whole surface.  Practical experience has convinced the peoples living on the coasts of Asia and of northern and Western Europe of the natural virtues of these strange plants, which they have been using for thousands of years.

Considered a precious source of food by the Japanese, algae form part of their traditional rites and constitute prestigious gifts given at New Year, birthdays and weddings. The seaweed is needed in our food for its nutritional properties, the sophistication it brings to all kitchens and the incredible taste enhancer (The Japanese word for Algae Laminaria is Kombu, which means happiness.)

In the mood for well-being, deep and meaningful….We bring you the natural richness of seaweeds and the ocean….The water is the source of all Spa treatments: the mind escapes, the body relaxes.

From the sea

from the sea

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