From the Sea

Delicacies of the sea and benefits of marine algae are combined in our products.

All our products are manufactured in north-western coast of France, Brittany, where the most diverse and rich marine flora in Europe is.

We specialized in harvesting and transforming marine seaweeds, and have selected 3 of them for their high mineral content. We are in line with a sustainable and responsible approach to preserve our environment.


Clear blue soap with marine algae.

These clear blue soaps are very soft and hydrate the skin very well. Good foaming ability with French fine fragrance. Each soap envelops a marine algae making it a very special treat.

blue soap
Clear amber soap with argan oil and marine algae.

These clear amber soaps are enriched with natural argan oil and marine algae at the center; each soap acquires its own uniqueness.

amber soap
Exfoliant soap with marine minerals.

These are exfoliating soaps that contain lithothamnium which is a red coral plant highly rich in calcium (30-35%) and magnesium. Due to its marine origin, it is a revitalizing mineral treasure with natural exfoliating properties. This soap will efficiently and smoothly remove all dead skin, leaving your skin as light as breeze.

Exfoliantt soap
Exfoliate & moisturizing
Clear amber soap with argan oil saturated in loofah.

These clear amber soaps with argan oil and loofah can be used to thoroughly cleanse without irritating your skin, while leaving it silky and smooth. The loofah belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceous, its fruit contains hard fibers ideal for exfoliation. Loofah is often used as a body scrub.

Clear amber soap
Gold soap and Starry Night soap.

These gold and starry night soaps sparkling with with flakes of gold are very decorative at home. Each of them is made to respect the balance of your skin. Pick them up when you need them.

Gold soap
Super rich soap with argan oil.

This soap contains super rich substance well-known for being non-aggressive to the skin.Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, known to be an excellent antioxidant and rich in omega-6. This rare and precious nectar regenerates, nourishes and restructures the skin. Argan oil has the ability to delay skin aging.

Super rich soap
Bath crystals

Bath Salt Crystals are known for their concentration of rich minerals and toning properties, laminaria extracts that help soften your skin. They also provide relief from psoriasis and other skin disorders. More than that, they envelop you with a sense of deep relaxation; it’s a genuine source of vitality and well-being.

Bath Salt Crystals
Shower gel with seaweed extracts

Wake up with this refreshing shower gel containing seaweed extracts (Laminaria digitata and Himanthalia elongata). It cleanses your skin gently and respects its natural balance.

Shower gel with seaweed extracts
Mild Shampoo with brown algae

This shampoo, combining marine algae (wakame and laminaria digitata) and chamomilla extract with a lathering base, is appropriate for all hair types, thanks to its detoxifying properties. It will restore the vitality of your hair and leave it shiny and soft.

Mild Shampoo
Sea bath crystals with Guerande salt
The baths with Guérande salt offer all their wealth.

Rich in trace elements and mineral salts, mineral crystals salt give for you their benefits in crossing the barrier of the epidermis. Associated with algae, they nourish, moisturize the skin and provide a sensation of relaxation and well-being.

Sea bath crystals with Guerande salt
Sea bath crystals with seaweed extracts

This bath salt has been selected for its high concentration of nourishing elements, Laminaria extracts. This crystals recreates the conditions of a true marine bath with colors and fragrances. Unique.

Sea bath crystals with seaweed extracts
Marine shower gel tonic with algae extracts

The shower gel tonic, with algae extracts fucus vesiculosus brings the richness of the sea, minerals and trace elements. It’s an excellent tonic throughout the day.

Marine shower gel tonic with algae extracts
Cool toning gel for legs

Clears the feeling of tired legs and brings freshness, comfort and relaxation. Properties energizing plant extracts (menthol, rosemary) are associated with regulatory qualities of the essential oil of sage. Complexes algae, sea water, horse chestnut and holly act as a tonic rich in trace elements stimulants. This gel can be used in the morning or in the evening.

Cool toning gel for legs
Marine effervescent bath pebble

These tablets are relaxing and energizing. Thousands of bubbles release of minerals and trace elements. After 20 minutes of bathing, hydrated skin is soft and pleasantly perfumed. The Effervescent sailor pebble is particularly appreciated by children.

Marine effervescent bath pebble
Body milk with seaweed extracts

Soft and light texture enriched with moisturizing agents, nourishes, moisturizes and reduces skin imperfections. Extracts “fucus” and “Centella asiatica” will stimulate cell regeneration. This body lotion has a soothing effect after hair removal and penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film.

Body milk with seaweed extracts