The Art

Design Inspiration

‘From Clay, With Clay, To Clay’ is a motto at the heart of our inspiration that is a founding principle for our community, thoughts and way of life. The inspiration for our designs comes from a desire to translate through the art of ceramics, the truth in the nature around us. Coupled with our Islamic belief that Adam was sculpted from the earth and all that he needed to survive, fruit, vegetables, trees, water comes from the earth and so too is our final resting place, when we dissolve back into the earth. This philosophy we wish to relate in our ceramic works, together with the clay that we use, which by nature expresses it’s own truth, a reflection of the earth’s surface, nature’s cracks, natural colours from our area. We are inspired to create designs that are characteristic of the art and patterns that exist our daily lives. So that valuable traditions can be passed down through our community and ceramics, generation by generation establishing a tradition that can be a cultural continuum for future generations.

Consideration For Society And Environment

Our core aim is to set up a community business that produces classic timeless products that have a positive impact on the lives of both buyers and producers. We choose willing people from our local area to join training programs that provide skilled jobs and income for our community. Our toughest yet most rewarding goals is to bring creative imagination and discipline back to our young people. We seek to encourage and support diligent youths that can become examples of creative development for young people in the community. Starting with absolutely no creative experience or awareness of art, they discover and learn their craft and self- -expression through ceramics. Which sparks a sense of pride and love for their job. Providing health, wealth and happiness for themselves and their families through an art form that we hope can begin a tradition that will be passed down through generations. Utilising local resources that we deliberately choose for production so that every aspect of our process creates jobs for our community – which bonds us and provides income, pride and care for an area the world currently sees in a negative light!

La Nostalgie (Female)…
Arabic Script Earn With Lid.

By fusing the essence of bonding, color, culture and way of life, a beautiful ornate form emerges that is deeply moving. Conceived upon a foundation of love and willingness, the Arabic pattern on the ceramic bowl uses abstractions of colloquial language and a shape that reflects the feminine qualities of the Malayu people. The carved wooden handle made by traditional wood carvers that usually make ancient weaponry and birdcages is a way of conserving the artisan traditions of the area. This contemporary approach to traditional ceramics and Islamic culture creates a new platform of expression for the community of southern Thailand — that endeavors to produce classic and enduring art forms for generations to come.

Arabic Script Earn With Lid

La Vague (Male)
Ceramic Water Motif Earn With Lid.

The qualities of water, power of nature and our life force. ‘La vague’ contains a message beneath the beauty of its form, a reminder of the 70/30% ratio of liquid in our universe and in ourselves. This concept has birthed a shape that depicts a delicate harmony between it’s form and concentric patterns. Repetitive ripples draw us into the depths and delicacy of water, as a cleansing essence that soothes the spirit from all ills.

Ceramic Water Motif Earn With Lid.

Fossil (Wall Decoration)

The manifestation of nature with time births a beauty that is immeasurable. History is engraved upon the earth as a kind of gem or treasure of great value. A historical trail towards an understanding of God’s teaching for humans – to understand nature’s balance and unity. This is translated into ceramic form by reflecting the mood of fire and time. To see the value of nature’s teaching through the study of the ever—evolving spiral. Inspired by the ancient shell, the uncurling flora and galaxies of the universe.


The whole that is different, creativity that is intriguing, thought that stirs wisdom. This belief has brought about a philosophy that develops the empty space in society. This series is about the birth of friendship and unity of sharing and being together.

Al-Haq (Tiles)

A celebration of the nature of clay, our raw material. No other elemental has this characteristic that produces this texture and effect; the movement of cracking, of drying and evaporation draws energy lines that is perfect in it’s imperfection like the patterns on our hands that is our most effective barcode. We want to relate this natural beauty and truth in nature in a simple contemporary form. We want to give to the viewer an opportunity to see clay from a different point of view. The raw aspect of clay that appears worthless is here represented as a mirror to reflect truth, the value within and around our selves.